In the late 1980’s, Yaw “Jason” Osei’s mom immigrated to London from Ghana in search of a better life. By the time Jason, the second of four kids, was four years old, his biological father was no longer a part of family life. Now on their own, Jason, his mom and his siblings struggled to make ends meet. Late at night, Jason would watch American football on television, fascinated by speed and the power of the players, and by a game where big guys like him could dominate. When two English football coaches saw him playing basketball and asked him to play football, Jason jumped at the chance. He played on club teams in England and Finland for several years, but it was his coach’s highlight video that captured the interest of American colleges. Jason went on to become an All-Conference lineman, a member of three conference championship teams, and an honors graduate. Here, you too will find a college experience that leads you to a life more fulfilling. It’s time to turn your grit into greatness.

Learn how a kid from London became a great college athlete.

Yaw “Jason” Osei describes how an immigrant kid from a single parent home in London became a college football star.