Grandfather’s Chair

East Texas Normal College
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Geo. M. Hill, Publisher
.75 x 4.25 x 6 inches

A copy of Grandfather’s Chair: A History for Youth by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This book was once part of Professor William L. Mayo’s private library. Professor Mayo was the founder and first president of East Texas Normal College. During the Mayo years, the college’s library was supplemented by Professor Mayo’s private book collection. On two occasions, first in 1894 and later in 1907, ETNC’s main administration buildings burned to the ground destroying the college’s library and Professor Mayo’s books. From 1907 until Professor Mayo’s death in 1917, the college library was housed in Old Main, the college’s primary academic building. Following his death, his books were left to the college for continued use by students and faculty. What remains of Professor Mayo’s library has resided in the Gee Library since 1959. When the university’s archives department was established in the mid-1970s, his library became the centerpiece of the department’s rare book collection. Mayo’s library is perhaps the most tangible proof of Mayo’s educational and intellectual pursuits. The collection consists of 1,846 volumes in such subjects as philosophy, history, education, mathematics, poetry, chemistry, religion, agriculture, and medicine. This single volume was removed from the primary collection to be displayed in the Heritage House.