About the use of the

Heritage House and the Lyday Garden

The beautiful, historic Lyday Garden is available to the community for special events upon request.

Lyday Garden

The Lyday Garden features a lion head fountain, a beautiful assortment of seasonal flora, and ample shade provided by mature native trees. The Garden was graciously funded and named by Gary and Sandra Fernandes in honor of Sandra Lyday Fernandes’ parents. It is open to university departments, student groups, alumni, and the community.  The garden must be used “as is.” Nothing may be added to, removed from, or moved around the Garden. Tables and chairs will be provided for you and set up in a basic configuration based on the attendance at your event. Electricity availability is highly limited in the Garden. Any sound equipment used should be wireless and battery-operated.


For current pricing, please contact the President’s Office.

Food Services

All food services for the Lyday Garden must be provided by Sodexo.

This information is subject to change and is in no way a comprehensive guide to all the rules, regulations, and policies regarding the Lyday Garden.

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