A Learning Community

Phase III


Phase III is a newly-built, four-story residence hall that features 490 beds, and is designed to encourage students to meet each other and study together. This hall will open Fall of 2017. Studies performed by universities with this style of residence hall have reported that students residing in this type of hall have higher GPA’s than students residing in other halls.

Cozy Lounge

Conference Rooms

Space to learn

Phase III consists of double and private rooms, centralized private bathrooms, four lounge + study/skype areas on each floor, and a main lobby complete with a kitchen, conference room, and laundry facility. Each private bedroom includes a bed, desk, chair, dresser, and closet. Double occupancy bedrooms include two of each furniture piece and two closet spaces.


Window Size

Single room – one 4’x6′ window

Double room – two 3’x6′ windows

Closet Size

5′-0″ wide

Approx. 3′-6″ depth of floor space clear

Ceiling Height

8′-0″ at entry/closets

9′-9″ in the open area of the room

Building is currently in progress for Fall 2017


Student Community

Phase 3


Phase 3