Cultivate Your Imagination and knowledge

Art students at A&M-Commerce acquire a broad education through the University Studies core curriculum, a sequence of liberal arts courses comprising the natural sciences, humanities, mathematics, history, political science, and behavioral and social sciences.  In tandem with a carefully crafted curriculum in the visual arts, these courses shape our students into well-rounded and experienced artists.

Art majors at A&M-Commerce start with a rigorous series of foundations courses in which basic skills in drawing, design, and conceptualization are developed.  Our foundation courses furnish essential competencies and prepare you for an increasingly specialized mastery within your chosen concentration.  Along the way our distinguished faculty members, accomplished and professionally-active artists in their own right, guide your development and help you acquire the expertise, versatility, and experience needed to achieve success in a complex and rapidly changing world.

State of the art Facilities

A&M-Commerce’s art facilities are among the finest in the region and support a broad range of media and classes both in Commerce and Dallas.  Our studios and classrooms are the envy of college art programs considerably larger in size.  They include:

  • One of the largest and best equipped ceramics facilities in the Southwest
  • Photography studios, darkrooms, and digital imaging spaces comprising 12,000 square feet
  • A spacious sculpture studio equipped with tools and areas dedicated to a wide range of materials and media, including wood and steel production and a foundry for metal casting
  • Painting studios, a wood shop, critique galleries, north-light drawing studios, and a state-of-the-art digital imaging lab
  • Private studios for graduate students
  • The University Gallery, a spacious and versatile exhibition space supporting numerous shows each year
  • Mac and high-end PC labs supporting graphic design, illustration, web site design, new media, and animation
  • Letterpresses in support of our recognized classes in traditional letterpress design