The facilities of the Department of Art are among the best in the region and support the full breadth of the art curriculum.  Spacious, well-outfitted, and designed for safety, they provide an inspiring environment for learning and creativity.

Art facilities in Commerce

The art facilities in Commerce are housed in three academic buildings within easy walking distance of one another. The Main Art Building is home to the administrative offices, art history lecture room, north light studios for drawing and painting, and the University Gallery. The Wathena Temple Fine Arts Building was dedicated in 2004 and includes one the region’s finest ceramics facilities, with an exhibition space and private studios for graduate students. Also, the department’s photography facilities are housed in this building comprised of a Mac and inkjet printing lab, darkroom, and shooting studio. Opened in 2007, our large sculpture lab occupies a full building and is equipped with tools and work areas supporting a broad range of three-dimensional media, including wood and steel, and a foundry for metal casting.

Art facilities in Dallas

Located in downtown Dallas, the classrooms, computer labs, and faculty offices associated with the undergraduate and graduate degrees in Visual Communication. This site was chosen to situate our Visual Communication students in the heart of a city recognized as one of the nation’s key centers of advertising and design. Computer labs support graphic design, web site design, video and ad production, new media, and high-end modeling and animation. The Dallas Location is also home to a letterpress studio in which students and members of the Visual Communication faculty collaborate on design projects using traditional letterpress techniques. The location in central Dallas places the facility near the city’s Arts and Design District, providing our students with opportunities for field trips, internships, and employment in the field of Visual Communication. Its urban setting also enables us to recruit respected professionals in the advertising industry to serve as adjunct instructors and thus to expose our students to real-world business practices.