An education in art must embrace as many areas of knowledge as possible. It must include the liberal arts as well as practical instruction, and above all, it must cultivate the imagination and resourcefulness of our students. A primary goal of our university is to provide a general education that encompasses the natural sciences, humanities, mathematics, history, political science, arts, and behavioral and social sciences. We believe this broad education is essential if our majors in art are to be successful in their chosen careers.

To this general education, we attach carefully crafted sequences of art classes designed to build upon fundamental skills and to develop, at advanced levels, a student’s conceptual and practical mastery of a visual medium. All A&M-Commerce students, whether they pursue degrees in teaching, fine art, or applied art, benefit from this integration of general and specialized courses, for they graduate from our university with the versatility and experience to confront a complex and rapidly changing world.

Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor of Arts in Art.
Emphasis in Art History
Emphasis in Studio Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography with emphases in:
Commercial Photography
Fine Art Photography

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts with emphasis in:
All-Level Teaching Certification
Experimental Studies

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication with emphasis in:
Art Direction
Design Communications
New Media

Graduate Programs

Master of Art with emphasis in:
Studio Arts
Visual Communication

Master of Fine Art with emphasis in:
Studio Arts
Visual Communication