A sequence of foundational art courses at the freshman and sophomore levels is required for all baccalaureate degrees in art and photography.

The sequence of foundations classes varies among the different types of degrees, but each program includes Drawing I (ART 1316), Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory (ART 1311), Three-Dimensional Design and Color Theory (ART 1312), Drawing II (ART 1317) or Figure Drawing (ART 2323), an introductory photography course, and a minimum of 12 semester hours in art history.

At least one sophomore-level course foundations course is required, the content of which depends on the concentration the student pursues. Technology, whether in the form of computer literacy or proficiency with tools and equipment, is integrated throughout the art curriculum both as a holistic goal and in specific skill-based courses such as Shop Safety and Introduction to Visual Communication.

In more specific terms, baccalaureate degrees in art and photography impart a common body of knowledge and skills to achieve the following outcomes:

  • General education of undergraduate students through the Core Curriculum
  • Enhancement of knowledge, creativity, and practical skills in art media through a well-designed curriculum in each degree and program area
  • Instill in students an understanding of historical and cultural influences in past and contemporary art, together with an awareness of the place of their own work in in place and time
  • Encourage students to develop a personal language of expression.
  • Introduce students to professional practices in the various program areas and prepare students for entry into a competitive art world

Foundations Courses Common to all Programs in Art and Photography:
ART 1316 (Drawing I)
ART 1311 (Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory)
ART 1317 (Drawing II) or ART 2323 (Figure Drawing)
ART 1312 (Three-Dimensional Design and Color Theory)
PHO 2356 (Introduction to Digital Media) or PHO 2357 (Basic Photography)
ART 141 (Introduction to Shop Safety)*

At least one course from the following:
Sophomore Studio: Introduction to Painting (ART 2316)
Sophomore Studio: Introduction to Sculpture (ART 2326)
Sophomore Studio: Introduction to Ceramics (ART 2346)
Introduction to Visual Communication (ART 2313)
Introduction to Video (PHO 209)
ART 1303 (History of Art I)**
ART 1304 (History of Art II)***
At least 6 advanced semester hours in art history.

*This course will be phased out in the spring semester, 2019
**Also counts in the Core Curriculum (Creative Arts)
***Also counts in the Core Curriculum (Degree Pathway)