The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Art with a concentration in Art History is a one hundred twenty (120) hour degree program. This program allows the student to develop an understanding of the history of art through a variety of classes. The BA in Art History provides a foundation in both studio art and art history, as well as a number of specialized upper-level classes.

Additionally, the degree allows the student to pursue a minor in another field if they desire. At the completion of the program, the student will be well versed in the history of art and prepared to begin a career in the arts or for further study in graduate school. Understanding the basic terminologies and styles present in cultures throughout the world, the BA in Art History stresses the development of critical thinking skills, while helping students to develop the formal and contextual skills needed to engage in art historical discussions.

Program Information
Students are required to have a C or above in all requirements to maintain good standing in the program.

Academic Performance and Retention
The Department of Art reserves the right to discontinue enrollment of art major students at any time if satisfactory academic progress is not being made. Students who have accumulated three unsatisfactory grades (U, F or D,) in studio art or design courses taken for college credit at Texas A&M University-Commerce or elsewhere will not be permitted to continue, be readmitted, or graduate with a major in studio art or design. Courses in which a grade below the minimum is received may only be repeated once.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements 42
Required Courses
GLB/History of Art I *
GLB/History of Art II *
ART 1316 Drawing I 3
PHO 2356 Introduction to Digital Media 3
Plus 3sh from: 3
ART 1311 Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory
ART 1317 Drawing II
ART 1312 Three-Dimensional Design & Color Theory
Art History Courses
ART 306 GLB/History of Ancient Art 3
ART 318 GLB/History of Medieval Art 3
ART 334 GLB/Topics in Renaissance Art 3
ART 336 GLB/Topics in Baroque Art 3
ART 338 GLB/Topics in Non-Western Art 3
ART 404 GLB/History of Contemporary Art 3
ART 405 History of Modern Art 3
ART 482 Theories and Methods 3
Art History Electives 12
Select 12sh from the following:
GLB/History of Photography
GLB/Women and Art
GLB/History of Architecture
GLB/History of Graphic Design
History of New Media
History of Advertising and Consumerism
Special Topics
Required Support Courses 12
A minor in another area OR 12sh outside Art from:
US-World Cultures: Perspectives from Anthropology
History and Aesthetics of Film
GLB/Music History I
GLB/Music History II
Any 300 or 400 level courses in History
Foreign Language
Completion of at least 12 semester hours ** 12
Required Electives
Electives required to meet minimum program hours 9
Total Hours 120