The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Photography is a 120 credit hour limited access program that provides an intensive background in theoretical knowledge and professional skills. BFA students will develop a personal vision, a high level of competence in technique, and harness the ability to make sound artistic decisions.

As one of the few stand-alone photography degrees in the state of Texas, the BFA in Photography prepares students for the challenges of a rapidly evolving profession alongside expanding technologies and applications in digital imaging, video, multimedia, and motion graphics. Photography majors build upon a common sequence of foundational art and photography courses to pursue a focus on the business of commercial photography. Students graduating with the BFA in Photography leave A&M-Commerce with a well-rounded background in professional practices and a versatile set of practical skills. Our long history of commercial photography education and strong relationship with successful alumni give students a distinct advantage when advancing into a professional career.

To receive a degree in BFA Photography, students must successfully complete a minimum of one-hundred-twenty (120) credit hours. Students must also remain in the program for a minimum of three long semesters. Students must enroll in “Photography Seminar” their year of graduating, culminating in an advancement review and graduation exhibition. Students must also complete their internships before graduating. Students admitted to the BFA program are exempt from any foreign language requirement. Students in the BFA major are not required to select a minor. The BFA Advisor can provide additional guidance with regard to entrance and degree requirements.

Academic Performance and Retention
Students are required to have a C or above in all foundation courses to maintain good standing in the Department of Art.  The work and progress of students pursuing baccalaureate degrees will be evaluated both within the classes they take and by the departmental standards established for each major programmatic area (BA in Art, BFA in Studio Art, BFA in Visual Communication).

The Department of Art reserves the right to discontinue enrollment of art majors at any time if satisfactory academic progress is not being made.  Students who have accumulated three unsatisfactory grades (U, D or F) in studio art or visual communication courses at A&M-Commerce or elsewhere may not be permitted to continue, be readmitted, or graduate with a degree in art.  Courses with grades of D or F may be repeated for a grade of C or higher only once.

Photography Coordinator: Chad Smith, 903-886-5208,

Core Curriculum Courses


See the Core Curriculum Requirements

BFA in Photography –

Concentration in Commercial Photography

Required Creative Core (16 credits)

ART 1316

Drawing I


ART 1311

Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory


ART 1312

Three-Dimensional Design & Color Theory


ART 141

Intro to Shop Safety


ART 2313

Introduction to Visual Communication


PHO 2356

Introduction to Digital Media


Art History Courses (9 Hours)

ART 1303

GLB/History of Art I *

ART 1304

GLB/History of Art II *

ART 333

GLB/History of Photography


ART 404

GLB/History of Contemporary Art


3 semester hours in Advanced Art History


ART 306

GLB/History of Ancient Art

ART 318

GLB/History of Medieval Art

ART 334

GLB/Topics in Renaissance Art

ART 336

GLB/Topics in Baroque Art

ART 338

GLB/Topics in Non-Western Art

ART 405

History of Modern Art

ART 407

GLB/History of Graphic Design

ART 408

History of Advertising and Consumerism

ART 436

GLB/Women and Art

ART 438

GLB/History of Architecture

ART 482

Theories and Methods

ART 497

Special Topics

Required Photography Courses (26 Hours)

PHO 2357

Basic Photography I


PHO 209

Introduction to Video


PHO 210

Introduction to Studio Lighting


PHO 341

Commercial Photography


PHO 350

Advanced Digital Photography


PHO 360

B&W Darkroom Techniques


PHO 450

Photography Seminar


PHO 495

Photography Internship


Required Visual Communication Courses (12 credits)


ART 300


ART 365

Design Communications I

ART 472

Art Direction

Prescribed Courses: Commercial Track (15 Hours)


ART 380

Experimental Concepts

PHO 369

Alternative Print Making

PHO 370

Advanced Video

PHO 389

Independent Study

PHO 390

Location and Event Photography

PHO 397

Special Topics

PHO 403

Business Practices in Photography

PHO 489

Independent Study

PHO 497

Special Topics

Total Hours




This course will satisfy the Core Curriculum requirement for Creative Arts or Degree Pathway.