Department of Art Annual Scholarship Application
Academic Year 2019-2020

Open to majors of any level in any area of the department.

Art Scholarship Application 2019-2020.doc

Please contact the department office for application deadlines: or 903-886-5208.

Daniel Lloyd Ross Memorial Endowment
Recipients will be majoring in the visual arts. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of a B in all art courses at the time of the application and be judged as talented and dedicated students.

Alex W. Kibler & Shirley Riley Kibler Endowment
Recipients must be graduate students in good standing.

June Kidder Memorial Endowment
The Kidder Memorial Endowment accepts applicants from majors in all areas of the Department of Art.

John & Phyllis Carrier Scholarship Fund
1. Recipients will be art majors, including photography.
2. Recipient will receive $100 per academic year.
3. Dr. or Mrs. Carrier will review applications and offer input into the department’s selection process.

Harry & Virginia Fullwood Art Endowment
Students of any level majoring in the area of visual communication.

Alton and Louise M. Biggs Endowment in Biology and Art
1. Family and income are not considered.
2. Recipients must be Texas residents.
3. Applicants must be full-time students.
4. Scholarships are awarded to rising juniors for 4 semesters.
5. Scholarships are awarded to biology majors in even years and visual art majors in odd years.
6. Recipients must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 throughout the scholarship
7. Recipients must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the major throughout the scholarship
8. If the scholarship recipient leaves the university during the senior year, the balance of the award may be given to another senior in the same major.

Kodak Professional Imaging Endowment
The recipient will be a full-time still photography major and have completed at least one full year of college work, with at least one full year of work left before graduation.

Patrick F. Cochran Memorial Endowment
Recipients must be photography majors.

Third Floor Photographic Society Fund
1. The student must be a declared photo major with at least one year left in school. Entering freshman or transfer students are eligible at the discretion of the photography faculty and contingent upon available funds.
2. Recipient must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in photography courses.
3. Recipient must submit a portfolio of 5-10 images for review.
4. Service to the photography program will be considered.5.
Membership in the Third Floor Photo society will be considered but is not mandatory.

Johnson/Talley 3rd Floor Memorial Endowment
Recipients must be photography majors. This endowment memorializes its namesakes, Matthew Johnson & Paul Talley, as well as Nell Blakely, Walter D’ellesandri, MaryAnne Fittipaldi, Hal Fulgham, Bob Gray, Eric Peterson and other faculty, staff, and students associated with the photography program of Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Wathena Temple Memorial Scholarship
1. Recipient must be a junior major in the visual arts in good academic standing.
2. The department head or designee will select the recipient.
3. The recipient’s life must be a deserving student whose life is inspired by the visual arts and need not be selected on need or academic achievement.

In addition to these named scholarships, the Art Department will annually offer approximately $2,000 in scholarships funded by Art Department fundraising efforts. Amounts of Endowed Scholarships will not be announced until awarded.

To be considered for the General Transfer Scholarship, all official college transcript(s) must be submitted to the Office of Admissions. A student’s scholarship award level will be based upon the transfer hours and transfer GPA at the time of admission to the university. The automatic review process does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship offer since funding is limited, so apply early! The scholarship only applies to the Fall and Spring semesters.

This table lists the minimum GPA, award amount, on-campus housing amount, general criteria, and the possible duration for the General Transfer Scholarship Tiers:
GPA Award Amount On-Campus Housing General Criteria Duration
Tier One 3.50 $2,000/yr additional $500/yr 45 transferable hours Up to 2 years
Tier Two 3.25 $1,500/yr additional $500/yr 45 transferable hours Up to 2 years
Tier Three 3.00 $1,000/yr additional $500/yr 45 transferable hours Up to 2 years

• Maintain the required semester and institutional cumulative GPA for the Tier group you are awarded. Once awarded, students cannot be placed into a lower or higher Tier.
• Successfully complete a minimum of 15 A&M-Commerce credit hours each Fall/Spring semester and 30 A&M-Commerce credit hours each academic year
• Have no break in enrollment or eligibility
Note: Funds will not disburse unless the student is enrolled in the required credit hours for the semester. Undergraduate students who are unable to meet the enrollment requirements due to limits set by their academic program, graduation, course offerings, approved disability accommodations, or other circumstances beyond the student’s control may submit a Scholarship Enrollment Exception Certification Form for consideration. The form can be found at Scholarship Enrollment Exception Certification Form

The first time a student fails to meet either the credit hour or the GPA requirement for the General Transfer Scholarship will result in probation for the next semester of enrollment. A notification will be sent to the student’s university e-mail account. The student will still be eligible to receive the General Transfer Scholarship during the probation semester, provided the student is meeting credit hour requirements. After the probation semester, the student will have to meet both the GPA and credit hour requirements each semester or the General Transfer Scholarship will be suspended.

Any questions pertaining to the scholarship application process can be directed to:

Head, Department of Art
P.O. Box 3011
Commerce, Texas 75429
903-886-5208 (phone)
903-886-5987 (fax)

Email can be directed to William Wadley and Patti Doster

Please mail your application to:

Department of Art
Attn: Scholarships
Texas A&M University-Commerce
P.O. Box 3011
Commerce, Texas 75429

Or email your application to

Or deliver the application to:
Art Office
Room 104, Art Building, Commerce Campus