A&M-Commerce VisCom seniors win five awards at the 15th Annual National Student Show & Conference.

Seen above left to right: Award winners Brandon Mulkey (BFA ‘19), Sydney Spears (BFA ‘19) and Jiyun Park (BFA ‘19)

The national design competition announced top honors at their awards gala Saturday, March 30th in Dallas.

Out of twenty-nine categories and scholarships, A&M-Commerce Lions took home four Best of Category awards including Best of Packaging, Brochures, Invitation, and Environmental Design. The Best of Packaging was also awarded one of five Judges Choice awards. A&M Commerce VisCom winners were Sydney Spears (Best Packaging, Best Brochure and Judges Choice), Brandon Mulkey (Best Invitation) and Jiyun Park (Best Environmental).

In addition to the winners, nine other Lion’s projects were accepted into the show.

The National Student Show & Conference (NSSC) is a professionally judged creative competition and three-day conference built for students and their educators. The show is presented each year by the Dallas Society of Visual Communications (DSVC) and the Dallas Society of Visual Communications Foundation. Each year, 5 nationally recognized judges award $20,000+ in scholarships and awards to students from all over the United States.

This year’s judges included Natasha Brito, Creative Director of Sony Music Entertainment, Zipeng Zhu, Founder and Creative Director of Dazzle, Jeff Rodgers, Illustrator of Howdy Jeff, Lily Smith-Kirkley, Owner/Printmaker at Lilco Studio and Tadd Myers of Tadd Myers Photography.

A&M-Commerce VisCom Students earn recognition in local &international shows and publications

Seen above: A Doll’s House by Brandi Hamilton (BFA ‘19), Stages of Alzheimer’s by Skyler Wheeler (BFA ‘20) and Rubber Duck Regatta by Monica Williams (BFA ‘20)

Communication Arts Magazine, Creative Quarterly and most recently, the American Advertising Federation of Dallas have recognized work from A&M-Commerce.
Communication Arts

Two Visual Communication students received Awards of Excellence from Communication Arts (CA) magazine. Skyler Wheeler’s (BFA ‘20) Stages of Alzheimer’s poster series received the first award in the current CA Typography Annual. The Illustration Annual recognized Brandi Hamilton’s (BFA ‘19) A Doll’s House poster.

Communication Arts magazine is the leading trade journal for visual communications, and the largest creative magazine in the world. The unique combination of respected juried Annuals in design, advertising, illustration, photography, interactive media and typography; in-depth profiles on designers, photographers, illustrators, design and advertising firms; and numerous informative columns printed with the highest standard of quality makes the magazine the premier publication to cover all aspects of visual communications.

Dallas Addy’s

On March 7th, the American Advertising Federation, Dallas Chapter awarded 16 of the 24 student awards given to A&M Commerce projects at the 57th Annual Dallas American Advertising Awards (Addy’s). 5 Gold awards included: Maria Ruvalcaba (BFA ‘19) and Nayul Park (BFA ‘19) for Que Buen Taco Commercial, Ji Lee (BFA ‘19) for Steel Wool Packaging, Brandon Mulkey (BFA ‘19) and Erica Shea (BFA ‘19) for Texas Live! Grand Opening Invitation, Brandi Hamilton for A Doll’s House poster and Jeff Landrum (BFA ‘19) for Big D Climb Invitation.

Silver was awarded to 11 projects including: Cooper Weinstein (BFA ‘18) (2 Silvers) for Thomas Hammer Social Silencer social media plug-in, Nicole Glenn (BFA ‘20) for Screamfest poster, Monica Williams (BFA ‘20) for Walla Walla Sweet Onion campaign, Sydney Spears (BFA ‘19) for Screamfest poster series, Jisu Jung (BFA ‘20) for One Of Us Is Lying book cover, Skyler Wheeler (BFA ‘20), Helen Shavers (BFA ‘20) and Sandra Mendez (BFA ‘20) for Toxic Threads campaign, Sohyeon Ahn (BFA ‘19) for Pompeian Olive Oil packaging and Stephanie Williams (BFA ‘20), Kristin Decker (BFA ‘18) and Monica Reeves (BFA ‘20) for Arm The Arts Campaign.

The American Advertising Awards is one of the industry’s largest creative competitions, attracting nearly 35,000 professional and student entries each year through local club competitions. The mission of the American Advertising Awards is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in advertising. Winners from the Dallas Addy’s advance to the District competition. Gold & Silver winners from the District will advance to the National competition this Summer.

Seen above: VisCom Students accepting their awards on stage at the 57th Annual Dallas American
Advertising Awards on March 7th at the Bomb Factory in Dallas.

Creative Quarterly

Three A&M-Commerce student’s projects were included in the Creative Quarterly Magazine 100 Best of 2018. Project selections included Monica Williams’ (BFA ‘20) Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign, Hope Of Education Poster series by Brandi Hamilton (BFA ‘19) and Keep The Flame Alive ad by Kyler Jones (BFA ‘19).

The 100 Best of 2018 book and show is selected from all published work in the magazine throughout the year. The judges select the top 25 pieces from 4 categories Fine Art, Photography, Illustration and Graphic Design. 100 Best winners were exhibited at a the YUI Gallery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on February 22, with an artist reception. All A&M student work was selected from the Graphic Design category.

Creative Quarterly is an art publication open to all art directors, designers, illustrators,
photographers and fine artists in all countries.

VisCom senior earns gold medal among best student work in the nation from the American Advertising Federation.

Established in 1905, the American Advertising Federation (AAF) is the only organization that includes members across all disciplines and career levels in advertising.

The American Advertising Awards is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting more than 40,000 entries every year from local ad club competitions. The mission of the American Advertising Awards competition is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.

When asked about the event, Weinstein had this to say: “The experience was so surreal. Everyone who was there was the best of the best so no matter who you talked to it was someone leading the entire industry. Having my work being displayed next to advertising that I’ve seen during the Super Bowl or in magazines was such an amazing honor on its own”. VisCom senior earns gold medal among best student work in the nation from the American Advertising Federation. After winning Best of Show at the local and regional competitions, Cooper Weinstein’s (BFA ‘18) Hotter N Hell poster received a gold medal at this summer’s national American Advertising Awards in New Orleans, LA. Visual Communication growth is strong in Dallas!

VisCom student receives first Graphis Platinum Award for A&M-Commerce in the 2019 New Talent Annual

Seen above: Nicole Glenn (BFA ‘20) and her award winning Poster for Screamfest

Of almost 1,200 entries from universities all over the world, 29 projects from 17 A&M-Commerce students were recognized.

Honors student Nicole Glenn’s poster for Screamfest, was awarded the University’s first Platinum award in the Graphis 2019 New Talent Annual. The poster was designed at the Dallas location in her Design Communications II class during the Fall of 2018. Only 21 of the approximately 1,180 entries earned the coveted Platinum award.

When asked about the student’s success, Assistant Professor Josh Ege said “We are proud of Nicole and all the VisCom Students that were recognized this year. They never shy away from the hard work required to produce engaging work that continues to get noticed by industry leaders.”

In addition to the Platinum, other Visual Communication students from A&M-Commerce were awarded 5 Gold, 11 Silver and 11 Honorable Mention awards in this year’s Annual. The Gold winners include: Rubber Duck Regatta Poster by Jisu Jung (BFA ‘19), Shuttlecock Packaging by Haebinna Choi (BFA ‘18), #Empathy Campaign by Cooper H. Weinstein (BFA ‘18) & Brandon Mulkey (BFA ‘19), Clean Coal Poster by Skyler Wheeler (BFA ‘20) and Austin Aztex Soccer Logo by Jiyun Park (BFA ‘19)

The Silver Award winners included: Don’t get burned Campaign and Girl’s Rights are Human Rights Poster by Monica Williams (BFA ‘20), Aloha BBQ Logo by Jisu Jung (BFA ‘19), The Sound Foundation Logo by Stephanie Williams (BFA ‘20), State of Play Logo and Holocaust Museum Invitation by Sohyeon Ahn (BFA ‘19), Wish Night Invitation by Brandi Hamilton (BFA ‘19), Junior Players Branding by Haebinna Choi, Ohio Aviators Branding and Bahama Bucks Branding by Solbinna Choi (BFA ‘18) and Steerhead Regatta Poster by Jiyun Park (BFA ‘19)

Honorable Mention winners are: Steerhead Regatta Poster by Sohyeon Ahn, Rise Ad Campaign by Jake Carson (BFA ‘20), Nicole Glenn & Caleb Manning, Savage Circus & NAACP Posters and Lucky Books Logo by William Palizo (BFA ‘20), Fur Ball Invitation by Jisu Jung, Seat Voyager Logo by Stephanie Williams, Normal Campaign and CDC Logo by Jake Carson, Her & Hem Logo by Monica Williams, Firehouse Theatre Logo by Bach Tran (BFA ‘20) and Killington World Cup Poster by Caleb Manning.

View the student’s work here.

Entries were judged by an award-winning panel of industry leaders including Athena Azevedo (IF Studio), Kevin Shaw (Stranger & Stranger), Jennifer Morla (Morla Design), and John Fairley (Curious Productions), among several others.

In Graphis hardcover Annuals, Platinum & Gold Award-winning work are presented with full-page images. Silver-winning work is also displayed and Honorable Mentions are listed. All winners from Platinum through Honorable Mention are presented equally on the Graphis website. Graphis began its New Talent Annual in 1996.

VisCom Art Direction team win one of only two medals awarded for the Young Ones Design Brief at The One Show

Students seen above at the Young Ones award show in New York, Left to Right: Cooper Weinstein (BFA ‘18) and Brandon Mulkey (BFA ‘19)

Since our last announcement of VisCom success, the program has been recognized in several national and international design and art direction competitions.

For more than thirty years, The One Club for Creativity has been and continues to be passionate about encouraging students and young professionals to showcase their creativity. On May 7th, The One Show Education Festival culminated with the Young Ones Student Awards Ceremony in New York. The organization recognized two A&M-Commerce art direction teams including 1 of only 2 awards given for their Design Brief Competition. That Bronze Pencil was won by Cooper Weinstein (BFA ‘18) and Brandon Mulkey (BFA ‘19) for their #Empathy Campaign. The creative team made up of Ericka Lindsey (BFA ‘18), Christa Griffith (BFA ‘18), Aerielle Karpinsky (BFA ‘18) and Cooper Weinstein also recieved a Merit consideration for their Opioid Awareness & Prevention animation. entitled Game Over.

The One Show Recognized work can be seen here.

Through the Adobe Achievement Awards, Indigo Awards, Creative Quarterly 52 and Communication Arts Design Annual our students continue to stack up the recognition.

The Adobe Adobe Achievement Awards recognized 9 projects from 7 students as Semi-finalist including Abram Nguyen (BFA ‘19), Jisu Jung (BFA ‘19), Kristin Decker (BFA ‘19), Nadia Cortez (BFA ‘19), Cooper Weinstein (BFA ‘18), Brandon Mulkey (BFA ‘19) and Brandi Hamilton (BFA ‘19).

The international Indigo Awards recognized 2 A&M-Commerce students with Gold including Sohyeon Ahn (BFA ‘19) and Nayul Park (BFA ‘19). Jisu Jung (BFA ‘19) and Jiyun Park (BFA ‘19) was also recognized with an honorable mention.

The 52nd issue of Creative Quarterly Magazine included 2 winners and 6 runners-up in Advertising and Graphic Design from A&M-Commerce. Winners included Kyler Jones (BFA ‘19) and Monica
Williams (BFA ‘20). The runners-up were Haebinna Choi (BFA ‘18), Solbinna Choi (BFA ‘18), Kyler Jones, Cooper Weinstein, Brandon Mulkey and Monica Williams.

Communication Arts Magazine also recognized the work of Cooper Weinstein in its recent Design Annual. Danielle Reeves’ (BFA ‘19) work made the annual’s finalist list as well.

National Student Show Presents 3 Best of Category Awards to A&M-Commerce Students at Annual Conference.

Award winners at the National Student Show & Conference, Left to Right: Hayley Green (BFA ‘18), Kyler Jones (BFA ‘19), not pictured: Karina Pėrez-Fajardo (BFA ‘18)

A&M-Commerce Department of Art, VisCom students win Best of Logo, Poster & Invitation awards at the 14th Annual National Student Show & Conference.

On April 10-12th, The Dallas Society of Visual Communications held the 14th National Student Show & Conference at the DoubleTree by Hilton–Campbell Centre. Each year, the 3 day conference closes with an awards gala where the results of the juried show are announced. This year, A&M Commerce VisCom students saw 15 pieces accepted into the show including 3 Best of Category winners.

Best of Logos was awarded to Kyler Jones for his Alamo Draft House Logo, Best of Posters was awarded to Karina Pėrez-Fajardo for her XXV International Congress of Entomology Poster and Best of Invitations was awarded to Hayley Green for her Diner en Blanc Invitation. Additional works showcased included work from Habinna Choi (BFA ‘18), Solbinna Choi (BFA ‘18), Christa Griffith (BFA ‘18), Cooper Weinstein (BFA ‘18) and Sohyeon Ahn (BFA ‘19).

This year’s jury included DJ Stout, Partner, Pentagram, Husani S. Oakley, Senior Vice President/Director of Tech at Deutsch, Jennifer Morla, President/Creative Director at Morla Design, Marc English, Graphic Designer and Stewart Cohen, Owner/Photographer, Stewart Cohen Photography.