The Bachelor of Art (BA) in Art is a one hundred twenty (120) hour degree program. The BA in Art is the perfect degree for students whose educational goals include broader exploration of the University’s academic resources as well as their desire for a rigorous program in art and design.

The BA program does not emphasize the usual disciplinary distinctions but focuses on the creative skills that are common to all of these practices. The goal is not to train masters of particular materials (paint, clay, computers, etc), but to provide a broad base of technical and conceptual skills that can be applied to a wide range of creative activities. The creative process, critical thinking, project development, community engagement, and collaboration are as important as technical skill development. The BA degree is well-suited to students who plan to complete two undergraduate degrees; to students who anticipate graduate or professional school not directly related to art and design; to students whose interests in art and design and other educational pursuits are equally strong; or to those students who wish to integrate other educational pursuits with their visually creative work.

BA in Art with an Concentration in Art History

BA in Art with an Concentration in Studio Art